Darkonhurst is a pleasant enough town, much like any other, bustling and centered by an enchanting cathedral.

It is the abbey that lies outside of it - a day's travel by horse or carriage - that has produced a most odious cloud of mystery and apprehension. Hellwick Abbey by name, it was supposedly abandoned after a terrible fire reduced it to a pitiful rubble... but ever since, it has seemed anything but dormant.

​The question of what stalks the walls of those ruins is one the Church must answer, and naturally, face... but it may take more than they could ever anticipate. 


NSFW Content/Sexual Themes

Graphic/Non-Graphic Violence

Religious Themes​

Inferred/Depictions of Cannibalism​


Hellwick is a NSFW comic about cultists who partake in cannibalism, set in a medieval/tudor-esque era. Although there are many adult themes in the story, those that will not be explored are: nonconsentual sex or dubious consent re: sex, nor the depiction of minors inside these themes.


Chapters or pages containing graphic violence and sexual themes will only be available for purchase (to those 18 and over), and will be censored on any public online spaces where the comic appears.

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