​​AGE: 45    GENDER ID: Trans, AFAB    BIRTHDAY: December 24th

The Hellwick Abbot. He is a man of unfaultering faith, with a charismatic way of speaking despite his austerity. Aphesis is also strangely kind and patient, the only exception being with Haema, who seems to wear him a bit thin in both departments.


​​AGE: ???     GENDER ID: Irrelevant     BIRTHDAY: Early November 

Haema is a demon; more accurately, he is what is known as a vampyr. He delights in the blood of mortals, and has no healing powers, unlike mortal unicorns, or his divine cousins. Though he was ousted from Hell for acts of virtue, his behaviour is very indicative of his place of origin, and Aphesis is the only mortal he will answer to.


​​AGE: 36    GENDER ID: Male    BIRTHDAY: October 8th

Father Amartein once belonged to the Darkonhurst cathedral, before he was excommunicated for a grievous sin. He is kind if not naive, and dislikes confrontation. He has the unique talent to see the good in all, even Haema.


​​AGE: 23     GENDER ID: Male     BIRTHDAY: January 3rd

Don't let his demeanor fool you, Adontes always knows more than he lets on. Currently, he acts as head of the Darkonhurst choir, and helps Father Bacchus with proceedings there. He is a male soprano, or countertenor, and as such is widely renowned as a vocalist. He is also widely renowned for other things which we shall not mention here.

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