Tier Breakdown

Thank you so much for considering to support me! You're probably wondering... what do I do? How does this work? Simply put: much like Patreon!

I'll be posting content here the same way I did on Patreon, and the visibility of these posts will work the same way - some will be available across tiers, some only to certain tiers. You will not be able to see Horse Army posts if you are a free member, and you will not be able to see Unicorn Army posts if you are a (distinguished) member of the Horse Army tier!

The subs work the same way - you will be charged monthly until you cancel. You can cancel at any time. If you have difficulty with your subscription/cancelling, anything, please don't hesitate to let me know! E-mail: Twitter: @ngc_5139 Hellwick updates will be on Sunday, weekly or biweekly. So that's 2-4 pages a month! Horses & Unicorns will both be privy to those. Pages will be shared to tier members a week early than I will tweet them/share them on tumblr, and the NSFW pages of the comic will only be available to the fine equines who come to reside here.

General NSFW will be sporadic. I am also considering polls on what you'd like to see, depending on the time I have! Because I'd also love to work on Arlequín De Oscuridad, which some of you may know as the Pony comic, featuring my well-meaning, but nightmarish eldritch harlequin.

Updates for Arlequín De Oscuridad may be mostly concepts as of right now. I would like to devote most of my energy to Hellwick. Some of you may know I am also working on a novel (Moth) and would like to take time for that as well. The Unicorn Army tier, for that reason, is for those of you who are wanting to chuck a bit more my way, understanding that I may not have a lot to show until I am more steady. Thank you for considering it if you do, as even the consideration is extremely generous. I hope this clears everything up for you. If you have any questions please feel free to ask here, or contact me by e-mail or on twitter. Excited to share with you once again!


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