YCH Commissions!

First things first, I'm sorry things have been quiet. I'm doing everything I can to stay productive, but also to make sure I'm taking care. I'm looking to improve my workspace in order to drastically help with my physical pain (and this will help a lot!) asap!!

These commissions will be sketches, but we can talk about adding colour & refinements. They will cost extra, but as with the prices in general, I am keeping them on the low side for you guys as a thank you for your support! I will be working on them one at a time, but I will let any commissioner know where they fall in queue if that's at all necessary.

  • The full body NSFW starts at $85. I do all body types, gender identities, etc. I don't have an issue with anthros/furries either, just bear with me as that is not my expertise!

  • The bust cuddlesnug starts at $50. Again, all body types and IDs welcome.

  • Please don't be shy about detail. I always ask for run downs on headcanons and OC info especially. I really want to get to know who I'm drawing, so that I can give you the best expression of those characters. No amount is too much!

You can e-mail me at if you're interested! I have a very slow turn around (sorry ;_;/) but I am very communicative, and always around. If you ever want an update, even if I have nothing for you, I always respond asap.


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