As A Man Is Able PDF

As A Man Is Able PDF


A mysterious painter, a mysterious patrician... both unravelling in the space of each other. This is a story of two people falling in love, for better or for worse.

As A Man Is Able features writing from @mkashe_ and @ngc_5139 (on twitter!) which follows two of our original characters. Marigold is a nonbinary trans widow, while Bastian is a transmasc artist, and they are set in a vague Victorian-ish era (which was the inspiration for the clothing and atmosphere!). There are a few warnings listed in the beginning, for more information please keep reading!

In an effort to be clear about the content, a list was put before the story to let you know what to expect, detailed here:


  • EXPLICIT MATERIAL - There are graphic sex scenes in this material.
  • BODY DYSMORPHIA - There are mild implications of dysmorphia in regards to Bastian.
  • MENTION OF ABUSE - There are implications and mentions of the abuse Marigold and Bastian went through in past relationships. This is not the story's focus, but was included to give context to their character and behaviour.
  • MENTION OF DEATH - It is heavily implied (wink wink) that Marigold is responsible for their husband's death (allegedly).

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