UniZine PDF

UniZine PDF


Pages: 50

+ NSFW/Mature Content (18+)


A unicorn-centric zine, focusing on medieval/religious aesthetics & mature themes! This was a project between friends, made as an excuse to chill out & draw something super self indulgent. I would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, every contributor for their amazing and inspiring work. Not only do we have some really incredible pieces of art, but we also have writing that will most definitely take you away to another place and time. I am so very proud to present this - so very beyond proud.


For those of you interested in supporting this zine, thank you! 100% profits are going directly to the friends who contributed these incredible works. 



** The Thank You page seems to be cut-off in mobile downloads, so it's been put up here just in case! Seems to be just fine on desktop versions!


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